ndCurveMaster – n-dimensional Nonlinear Curve & Surface Fitting Program: 2D/3D/4D/5D… nD

ndCurveMaster is a machine learning application designed to find the best complex nonlinear equations to describe empirical data by using a multiple nonlinear regression method, and:

  • can load a data set consisting of measured values and automatically discovers complex nonlinear equation set,
  • can auto fit an unlimited number of input variables and their combinations, for example:
    Y= a0 + a1·ln5(x1) + a2·x21/2·x40.9 + a3·x11.3·x51.4 + a4·ln2(x3)·x41.2 + … + an·exp(x6)·x71/3·ln2(xn)
  • utilizes an automated machine learning method for the discovery of equations, see here,
  • offers a multicollinearity detection option through the use of a variance inflation factor (VIF) to improve model quality, see here,
  • offers an overfitting detection option, see here,
  • uses heuristic techniques for curve fitting, see here,
  • quickly generates high quality results and saves time.

Works fine! I have used Ndcurvemaster for years now, and have been impressed with its features and versioning. Numerous upgrades to several editions exist, and you don’t need to always go with the latest edition only, such as with apps from the Apple Mac Store. What’s particularly great is the scalability. Ndcurvemaster is a great allrounder and finalizer tool, easy for beginners. Highly recommended.
Tim27, coolffil524.weebly.com, 03/25/2020

Good design Ndcurvemaster is UNBELIEVABLY good, easy to use, and well-integrated with professional results. The app’s design is great, intuitive, and lets you unleash your true creativity without having to know some of the more arcane details of “coding” and such. HIGHLY recommend Ndcurvemaster!
Regular-Warren, coolffil524.weebly.com, 03/15/2020


  • fully automated process curves to fit your data sets
  • automated discovery of complex nonlinear equations
  • auto data fitting of unlimited number of fitted variables: ln5(x1), exp(x2)3, x31.35,..., xn and their combinations: x21/2·x40.9, x11.3·x51.4, ln2(x3)·x41.2,...,exp(x6)·x71/3·ln2(xn)
  • heuristic techniques for data fitting through the use of random iterated or full random search algorithms
  • any order polynomial fitting for any number of variables, such as: y = a0 + a1 · x1 + a2 · x2 + a3 · x3 + a4 · x1 · x2 + a5 · x1 · x3 + a6 · x2 · x3 + a7 · x1 · x2 · x3 + a8 · x12 + a9 · x22 + a10 · x32 + a11 · x13 + a12 · x23 + a13 · x33 + a14 · x12 · x2 + a15 · x1 · x22 + a16 · x12 · x3 + a17 · x1 · x32 + a18 · x2 · x32 + a19 · x22 · x3 + a20 · x12 · x2 · x3 + a21 · x1 · x22 · x3 + a22 · x1 · x2 · x32
  • a set of templates for polynomial functions
  • full statistical analysis of every equation: analysis of variance (ANOVA), regression and collinearity
  • multicollinearity detection through the use of a Variance inflation factor (VIF) and Pearson Correlation Matrix
  • search for models with a VIF limit value
  • weight data for individual data points in any column
  • detect and prevent overfitting
  • set any significant level alpha value
  • models with or without an intercept term
  • free expansion or reduction of the model by the user
  • import data from CSV, TXT, XLSX, XLS spreadsheets
  • result history and ranking
  • up to 380 basic functions such as power, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions grouped in 5 collections; user-created custom function collection
  • copy, save or load results
  • high-quality plots: 2D Fitted line, regression, residual plots and histogram in graph form
  • optimized to manage large amounts of data
  • ability to lock the predictor variable option to not modify a preselected predictor variable while searching

ndCurveMaster Version 8.3 NOW AVAILABLE!

The latest version of ndCurveMaster is Version (4 April 2022). What’s new in this version?

  • user-created custom functions,
  • improved search algorithm.


Free 2-dimensional version of ndCurveMaster

A free 2-dimensional version of ndCurveMaster is now available.
ndCurveMaster 2D is a nonlinear curve fitting program and can apply nonlinear curve fits to your data sets, for example:
Y= a0 + a1·ln5(x) + a2·x1/2 + a3·x1.3 + a4·ln2(x) + … + an·exp(x)
This is a fully working version with no time restrictions and absolutely free.
Detailed information about ndCurveMaster 2D Freeware can be found here.