ndCurveMaster Version Comparision

The table below shows a comparison between ndCurveMaster 2D and ndCurveMaster.

ndCurveMaster version comparision
  ndCurveMaster 2D ndCurveMaster
number of independent variables in a regression model single input variable unlimited number of input variables
automated machine learning algorithm, see here +
list of functions
  • 813 basic functions
  • power, exponential and logarithmic functions
  • 3 function sets
  • 1634 basic functions
  • power, power with rational exponents, logarithmic and trigo-metric functions
  • 6
multicollinearity detection option through the use of a variance inflation factor (VIF) +
models search with a VIF limit value +
weight data for individual data points +
manual model expansion by manually adding a new nonlinear predictor variable +
a fully random search algorithm +
predictor variable(s) lock to limit or modify a preselected predictor variable while searching +
minimum value regression coefficients +
R-Pearson and RMSE statistics +
Scatterplot, see here +
Residual Scatterplot, see here +
Standardized Residual Scatterplot, see here +
Histogram, see here +
64-bit Windows version +