ndCurveMaster 2D Freeware Version

ndCurveMaster 2D (MAC/WIN) is FREEWARE nonlinear curve fitting software with no time restrictions and absolutely FREE. ndCurveMaster 2D automated can apply nonlinear curve fits to your data sets and auto fit one input variable, for example:

Y= a0 + a1·ln5(x) + a2·x1/2 + a3·x1.3 + a4·ln2(x) + … + an·exp(x)

ndCurveMaster 2D is a 2-dimensional light version of ndCurveMaster with a limited number of base functions and options.
The table below shows a comparison between ndCurveMaster 2D and ndCurveMaster.

ndCurveMaster version comparision
  ndCurveMaster 2D ndCurveMaster
number of independent variables in a regression model single input variable unlimited number of input variables
automated machine learning algorithm, see here +
list of functions
  • 813 basic functions
  • power, exponential and logarithmic functions
  • 3 function sets
  • 1634 basic functions
  • power, power with rational exponents, logarithmic and trigo-metric functions
  • 6
multicollinearity detection option through the use of a variance inflation factor (VIF) +
models search with a VIF limit value +
weight data for individual data points +
manual model expansion by manually adding a new nonlinear predictor variable +
a fully random search algorithm +
predictor variable(s) lock to limit or modify a preselected predictor variable while searching +
minimum value regression coefficients +
R-Pearson and RMSE statistics +
Scatterplot, see here +
Residual Scatterplot, see here +
Standardized Residual Scatterplot, see here +
Histogram, see here +
64-bit Windows version +


Direct download ndCurveMaster 2D Freeware for Windows – PORTABLE ZIP: ndCurveMaster2D.zip [2.9 MB]
You may run these versions on any computer without installing them.

Direct download ndCurveMaster 2D Freeware for macOS: ndCurveMaster2D.dmg [6.7 MB]

Troubleshoot installation problems

Windows 10 may interrupt your ndCurveMaster install with a warning about “Microsoft-verified apps”. ndCurveMaster is safe to install and use, so choose “install anyway”. See the Windows 10 warns me to use a “Microsoft-verified” app article for more information.
Windows 10 in S mode does not allow the installation of ndCurveMaster or other apps from outside of the Microsoft Store. See the Windows 10 S won’t let me install ndCurveMaster article for more details.